Micro Needling – Dermapen 4

Dermapen is a micro needling procedure. By opening micro channels in the skin, it treats the skin with the use of products in line with its needs. It initiates the natural regeneration process by creating controlled damage to the skin. By increasing the natural collagen release, it enables the skin to renew and rejuvenate.

Benefits of Dermapen Treatment

  • Tightens the skin,
  • Provides the opening of fine and deep wrinkles,
  • Reduces acne scars,
  • Reduce the formation of acne by adjusting the oil balance of the skin,
  • Repairs scars and improves appearance,
  • Tightens the skin and creates a lifting effect,
  • Good for under-eye bruises,
  • Reduces sunspots,
  • Evens out skin tone,
  • Reduces the size of the pores,
  • Reduces the formation of blackheads,
  • Reduces blemishes (Hyperpigmentation),
  • Reduces sagginess of the skin,
  • Eliminates dullness in the skin,
  • Makes the skin look more vibrant and youthful.

Things to Consider Before Getting Dermapen Treatment

  • Hair removal cream, waxing etc. should be done at least 2-3 days before Dermapen treatment,
  • It is not recommended to get a Dermapen treatment on a recently tanned skin,
  • Blood thinners should be stopped at least 2 days before the application,

After Effects of Dermapen Treatment

  • There may be redness on the skin for about 2-3 days,
  • A sunburn-like appearance may occur in people with fair skin,
  • Slight swelling and itching sensation may occur on the face in the first 2 days,
  • For 7-10 days after the Dermapen, a feeling of intense dryness may occur on the skin. This is very normal,
  • After the 3rd day on average, there may be peeling in the form of slight flaking on the skin. This indicates that the skin is renewed,
  • While the skin is peeling, it should not be touched. The parts that peel will flake off when the skin completes its regeneration process,
  • There may be a slight pinkness in the parts that peel off early. It heals quickly if ointments are applied.

Things to Avoid After Dermapen Treatment

  • The skin should be kept dry for 24 hours,
  • Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided for one full week,
  • After Dermapen treatment, epilation, laser, waxing should not be done for 2 weeks,
  • High intensity workouts should be avoided for 2 days after Dermapen treatment,
  • Avoid environments such as Turkish bath, sauna, solarium for 1 week,
  • After the procedure, products containing =AHA, BHA, RETINOL, VITAMIN C should not be used on your skin for 1 week,
  • No smoking for 2 hours.

Who Should Avoid Dermapen Treatment?

People with Skin cancer, Psoriasis, Inflamed Rosacea (Rose disease), Wart, Mushrooms, Cold sore, People with active skin infections, Severe diabetes patients, Pregnant women, Nursing Mothers (not to be applied for the first 6 months), Those who undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Those who are treated with AHA and Vitamin A, People with keloids, Those who had a recent facial plastic surgery.

Things to do After Dermapen Treatment

  • Sunscreen should be used when going out every day for 2 weeks
  • For 2 weeks, the skin should be intensely moisturized every morning and evening
  • For the first 3 days, curative, soothing creams, and sunscreen should be used.

Dermapen Frequently Asked Questions

The first visible effect occurs at the end of week 1.

Yes, it is permanent. However, since we continue to age every day, it’s effect decreases over time. Its effect continues to decrease after a certain period of time. The duration of the effect can be extended with additional follow-up sessions.

Based on the needs of the patient, the expert practitioner will make the decision. For people with normal skin types,3-4 treatments per year are recommended.

You should avoid getting your skin wet for 1 day after treatment.

You should wait 24 hours before applying any makeup on your skin.

You can go 14 days after your treatment.

You should use only what is recommended by us for the first 3 days. Then you can use your skincare products.

Micro needling treatments can be safely done about every 3-4 weeks.

There will be a visible difference definitely, for obvious effects a minimum of 3 treatment is recommended.

No, it should not be done at home. It should be done by experts. If it is done unprofessionally, it will cause uncontrolled damage to the skin, such as scars and infection.

Dermapen 4 is a brand and not every needling device is a Dermapen.

No, it is not a painful procedure. You do not feel pain during the procedure since an anaesthetic cream is applied.

Yes, we do. Each time we use a new needle.

It is applicable to anyone over the age of 18.

For best results, it should be applied starting in the early 20-30. Collagen and elastin production in this age group since collagen production is more, the results are more obvious and long lasting.

No, it is not enough. For the best effect, the expert needs to work with the original device and apply the necessary products to your skin during the treatment. It is to make mixtures and apply during micro needling. Correct skin diagnosis = Effective Result